Congrès Armand-Frappier

The Fondation Armand-Frappier supports the Congrès Armand-Frappier, a student initiative which has become over the years one of the most important francophone spaces of scientific exchange and communication in North America.

Left to right: Mervé Kulbai, Hicham Bessaiah, Rihab Rouag, Hamza Loucif, Maude Cloutier, Xavier Daguenay-Lussier, Emilie Boutet,Mutaspha Iddir, Sabrine Najeh, Laurie Pinel, Aurélie Devinck, Sarra Labidi, Fatma Kharrat et Livie Lestin.


This biannual convention gathers more than 150 participants in a forum ideal for the presentation and dissemination of the results generated by the projects undertaken by student-researchers from various areas of study within the biosciences. It allows the scientific community to acknowledge the work done by francophone graduate students and enables further exchanges, collaborations and networking between francophone university centers.

The Foundation is confident that the sharing and vulgarization of scientific knowledge is essential to the advancement of our society’s research projects, and is proud to support this important student initiative.




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